NMO Bags’ eco-friendly non-woven bags are the perfect reusable packaging to replace traditional plastic bags. The NMO-bags technical procedure is carried out with great care.

We can then screen print your customer name/logo on to any surface or the entire surface of both sides of the bag. Non Woven T Shirt Bag have great advantages in terms of:

  • Eco friendly
  • Eye-Catching
  • Competitive Price
  • High Quality

The NMO-bag team works alongside each client to understand the purpose of each product. From design to production of the reusable non-woven bags, the team guides each client through the process of lamination (product protection), fabric, design, durability, shape and size.

If your customers are concerned about our world running out of resources, the idea of recycling and using such products as non woven P.P. can go a long way for the concept of environmentally friendly products and can be expanded when your customer chooses to use nonwoven P.P. fabric.